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Awaken, uncover, and ignite the unstoppable power present within you.

– Dr. Robin Smith, Trauma Surgeon for the Heart and Soul

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Being fearless is a decision

I have used my life experiences and lessons to step into my role as a fearless truth-teller, and a Trauma Surgeon for the Heart and Soul. It is my hope that in sharing my story, you may see how resilience and vulnerability coexist within you, making you stronger and more alive.

I invite you to “Wake up! Show up! Grow up! Rise up! as it is my belief, having done so myself, that we can redefine failure and adversity transforming them into fearless and abundant living.

“Wake up! Show up! Grow up! Rise up!”

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The Oprah Winfrey ShowDr. Oz Anderson Cooper 360CNN  Good Morning AmericaThe Queen Latifah Show The Today Show