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Dr. Robin’s New Year’s Event
Search and Rescue Mission:

If no one comes for you; you find you

Live Event – JANUARY 17, 2021 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Woman, man, child, family, friend, enemy Overboard. No matter who you are or are not, your social status, the color of your skin, your ethnicity, social caste, race, religious affiliation or any other defining label, to say 2020 was brutal is an understatement. Most of us were left speechless, soul-weary and with a sense that life as we knew it was seriously threatening to drown us and all that we claimed as essential for our survival. Life, our instructor, seemed to throw not only the kitchen sink, but the entire kitchen at us, daring us to bark back without having learned the lesson before us.

Sold Out

Identity Theft is a painful reality, and even more serious if you as a human being are lost and don’t know it. If you feel like you lost yourself during the pandemic, forced quarantining, or the terror embedded in 2020, I am here, reporting for active duty to help you reclaim and recover your true identity, and restore your personal power and purpose.

Most of us have not lived in, or through times this tough; two pandemics raging at the same time, Racism and COVID-19, and their impact on us personally, professionally and politically. Learning and growing in 2021 will require courage and curiosity to explore not only the fallout and implications of COVID-19 in our lives, relationships, country and world, but also the historic and systemic evolution of racial and gender trauma and violence.

2021 offers us significant opportunities to uncover, discover, and more deeply analyze and understand our personal Search and Rescue narrative, as well as, the stories of others. Transforming adversity we experience requires a radically open heart and mind. These tools are prerequisites on the adventure and journey toward inner and outer healing. I will explore and discuss with you my All Things Fearless™ model that leverages brokenness, curiosity, and resilience as a springboard to connection, creativity, and power.

I invite you and those with a heart and ear to listen intentionally to your inner conversation holding all truth and liberation. Join me on this Search and Rescue journey to embrace and gain insight into your own story, and the story of others.

Sold Out

Crown Yourself: The Love That Keeps On Giving

Coming in February

No more waiting for someone else to take you seriously or make you a priority.

2021 is Your year to Crown Yourself, love on yourself, see yourself, respect yourself, appreciate yourself! You will learn to never again allow anyone to make you feel less than worthy of love, truth and respect.

Join me and learn to have a love affair with yourself.

Crown Yourself!!!